Suggestion Guidelines

Please review the following list and see if your suggestion is valid prior to posting.


1. Is your suggestion already possible using Vanilla + AE2?

If it is, your suggestion is not valid, one of the core principles for AE2 is that I don't add duplicate content, these types of addition slowly simplify the mod into a box of solutions that require no thought or creativity to use. AE2 strives to be a toolbox of modules that can be used to create solutions instead. I think this is more fun.


2. Are you asking to add any of the following features?

No, just no. If you want to know why search the issues on the feature request board.


3. Are you asking for a smaller version, more compact version, or more efficient version of something in the mod?

Rule #1 should already have stopped you, but in case you for some some reason think your suggestion didn't apply to that rule, but it does to this one, compactness is not a priority of AE2, some of its features tend to be small, but its focus is on modular game-play, not creating single block solutions. Also Rule #1 did apply.

Last modified on 09/14/2015 03:13 PM CDT
By raydeejay