Rotatable Blocks

A mod that enables you to rotate any block, in any way!

For a long time we minecrafters have had to accept that our cobble always pointed a certain direction, and that our coal ore would never face sideways, but not anymore, I've been working on a concept that will completely change how we deal with these aesthetic challenges in Minecraft.

May I present my vision for the future,

Image of Rotated Wooden Planks

Spotlight by BevolJ

How does it work?

First grab yourself a BC Compatible wrench, for instance Certus Quartz Wrench, or any other tool that uses the Forge Rotation API.

Second right click on any solid opaque block without a tile entity, and boom, rotated, like magic, completely transparent to you, just like if mojang had wanted you to be able to rotate these blocks by default.



Does it work with other mods?

It should be functional with any basic decrative blocks in vanilla or mods, if the block has custom rendering it will most likely not be supported.

Last modified on 04/02/2014 01:39 AM CDT
By AlgorithmX2
Certus Quartz Wrench