Welcome to the Future Applied Energistics 2. 

Over the past few weeks we have been deliberating the future of AE2, as we work on stabilizing rv2 we have had time to reflect and dream up new ideas to work on as we start to explore rv3.

One of the key ideas that we have been considering is how to evolve AE2 to keep current with the increasing demand for mods with better immersion and gui-less features.

Introducing Teleport Terminals

You will now be able to teleport into your ME Networks and see an entirely new vision of what an ME Networks can be, creating a new dimension of interaction with your Storage System.

The new feature will allow you to enter you network as a physical entity, interact with the items in your system, and explore and view your stored items in the game world without a single gui being involved.

This is only the beginning, as we continue to explore this idea, and get feed back from users about ways to improve and expand on this idea we plan to add new features in the same vein as ways to improve other areas of AE2 that make considerable usage of guis.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore these new ideas and explore new territory with the mod.

Demonstration Q&A with AlgorithmX2 and Fireball1725

April Fools!

Hope everyone had a fun april fools day, thanks to fireball for doing the video with me, and thanks to the rest of the AE2 team for their continued support for AE2 since my retirement.

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